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Getting Started
Getting Started
Upon starting of appliation you will be required to fill out a registration form.  Once you send the information you then will receive a CustID and a RegCode.  If you decide to purchase the software before or after the 15 day trial expires then we will need to know your CustID and RegCode that was assigned to you.  You should receive an email from our system once you submit the information and this email will contain your registration information.

During the 15 day trial the software is fully functional.  Everytime you start the application the User Registration screen will appear.  This screen will go away after you register it.  Once the 15 days expires then you will no longer be able to run the software until you purchase it.  Once you purchase the software we will register it. 

After the registration verification takes place you will be brought to a setup wizard which will guide you though the setup options.

For help on the options screen you can click here.

Once you have all the options setup then you are ready to use the software.  On the main screen you will see a Motion Sensitivity slider.  If the motion bypasses the point of the slider then that is where an alert will be triggered.  If you have any pets that roam around then you may want to test this on them to see where they trigger the motion and put the slider just past that point.

When you want to start detecting motion then click on Start Watching on the main screen.  From this point the software watches for motion and once detected it will trigger the alert and record the motion.

To turn off the watch and alerting click on Stop Watching.

From the main screen you can see what video files have been created and which onces have been emailed and uploaded.


Getting Started